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Are you struggling with tomorrow's relevance? Whether its member engagement, conference innovation, the latest technologies, governance, value and ROI, we are the leading association management and conference experts in helping to solve these challenges.

We provide full association management and development services as well as expert consulting for specific projects. Our NextGen solutions are tailored to meet your specific challenges. We create opportunities to drive your association’s relevance, increase revenues, optimize your registration and help you with your Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Engagement (ROE).

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    solving your association challenges

    Some examples of how we help associations move to the next level. Click to view.

    How does your association grow globally and enter new markets?

    From developing your global strategy, providing locally relevant marketing, communications and customer service to delivering professional development programmes, conferences and membership value, our in-market experts can help your association meet key long- and short-term growth objectives.

    Successfully selling in europe

    Entering new markets and offering new products can represent a series of challenges for any organisation. After six years of collaboration between the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and MCI, education programmes have been growing consistently in Europe on an annual basis, with double-digit compound annual growth rate. ASME now successfully runs over 40 courses per year attracting more than 400 participants across Europe.

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    Multiple strategies and tactics are used to grow your revenues

    Be it corporate outreach and sales, compelling sponsorship offers and engagement, fundraising, partnerships, product sales, membership enhancement, innovative conference solutions…

    Reach new audiences with valuable content

    Today's conferences are no longer about who attends, but who engages. To ensure that the European Society for Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism (ESPEN) congress kept ahead of the game, MCI proposed an innovative Global Content Dissemination service to capture and distribute congress content to wider audiences. As a result, 83% of congress delegates chose to purchase the full access registration including online content access and the new service generated a profit of US$ 104,500 for the organisation.

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    What are the new rules of engagement and activation?

    Do you want help with designing new membership models, creating innovative solutions to enhance congress participation, deploying the latest technologies, apps and software, monetizing your content?

    Live tech, gamification & role play

    React, engage, respond - congress participants at the World Hepatitis Summit learned how to manage a healthcare crisis through an immersive experience with innovative and interactive role play. Mock news broadcasts, actors and video newsreels were amongst the techniques deployed.

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    Is your value proposition tailored to resonate with key stakeholders?

    Audience segmentation, understanding stakeholders’ needs (be they members, customers, congress participants, sponsors, government agencies) customizing their experience and means of engaging are fundamental to not-for-profit organisations success.


    Long-term succession planning: is this part of your association’s governance plan? Globalaw, a worldwide network of more than 110 independent law firms, is reaching and engaging younger international member lawyers through its annual Leadership Programme (GLP). Peter Brown, Membership Committee Chair, shares with us the strategy, approach and successes.

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    Driving results through our entrepreneurial approach

    Offering a range of proven strategies to maximize investment commitments. For example: reducing your congress expenditure, all the while increasing the revenues. Our buying power, obsessive budget control, innovative revenue solutions and results will reap benefits for your association.

    Redefined marketing strategy doubles registration numbers

    Through the lens of member engagement, MCI USA implemented various strategies for the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA) Recovery Workforce Summit which resulted in more than double the number of participants. Lasting results included over 100% growth in attendance, 89% increase in overall gross revenue, and 107% increase in revenue compared to the previous year, as well as a 10% increase in new members.

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    Aligning sourcing strategy to your business objectives

    In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, there are key strategic reasons to move your association into a new phase in the use of outsourcing services. Whether it is project base or long-term, MCI association management experts allow you to boost performances by increasing efficiency, accessing skilled resources, and reducing infrastructures and operational costs. We provide you with ongoing analysis of performances and measurement of achievements metrics.

    Strategic and operational opportunities

    For many associations, the day-to- day logistics and administration of organising a congress divert attention and resources from carrying out its core business. Heinz Marchesi, Executive Director of the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR), shares with us their strategic decision for outsourcing their events and the opportunities it has created for the organisation.

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    Using our NextGen solutions, we help your association achieve its goals


    A vibrant, engaged community of stakeholders is essential. Be they volunteer leaders, members, customers, potential members, sponsors, partners, influencers, individuals or companies engagement and activation is key, both online and offline. Let our association management professionals work with you to optimize your association’s growth, performance and results.

    Services include:
    • Association Management & Consulting
    • Strategic Planning & Board Development
    • Membership Development & Engagement
    • Sponsorship, Fundraising & Corporate Sales
    • Education, Training & Certification Services
    • Market Development & Growth


    Intelligent and innovative use of technology are at the heart of future engagement and NextGen associations' strategies. But the personal touch and segmentation are key to successful outreach and positioning. Our association management and conference experts will deploy targeted solutions to ensure optimal engagement.

    Services include:
    • Brand Management & Lead Generation
    • Social Media & Digital Marketing
    • Content, Communications & Creative Solutions
    • Public Affairs & Stakeholder Engagement
    • Sustainability & CSR Strategies
    • CRM & Technology Solutions

    Conference & Exhibition

    Conferences, tradeshows, meetings and live (offline) activities are traditionally the largest drivers of revenues and essential to delivering your organisation's mission. Our experts will ensure your participants benefit from the most innovative experiences, while enhancing profits for your association.

    Services include:
    • Full Service Conference Management (PCO)
    • Strategic Event Management
    • Exhibition & Tradeshow Management
    • Housing & Registration
    • Revenue & Audience Generation
    • Destination & On-site Management

    Association resources

    Global Engagement Index 2016

    A Guide to Global Engagement Strategies. Index results, engagement & relationship recommendations

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    Event Portfolio Performance Under Pressure

    Do you have clear insight into the means and methods of optimizing event portfolio net revenue while mitigating downside risk?

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    Navigating the Privacy Shield and the General Data Protection Regulation:

    What US and Transatlantic Associations need to know

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    What our clients say

    "“The Global Engagement Index Summit was one of the most effective high-level association events I've attended... because of the caliber of the attendees: leaders of dynamic associations who know that global growth is key to their continuing success. The event was defined by quality survey data, analyses that drew a clearer picture of what works, and a deep level of engagement among the people in the room eager to apply the findings to their own organisations. Better still, the benefits of the summit haven't ended---with more targeted surveys planned, in the coming years associations will have an excellent benchmark for their global initiatives.” (The GEI Summit, organised by MCI and FairControl, was held on 8-9 June, in Washington DC, USA) "

    Mark Athitakis ASAE - The Center for Association Leadership

    "For us, culture is a prerequisite. We wanted to make sure that our partner, MCI, held the same values and would treat our customers, members, suppliers and other partners with the respect that we treat them. Then, the most important criterion is performance. Early on, we established the criteria that would make the event successful – financially, statistically and strategically. Through it all, we kept our eyes focused on those metrics."

    Eric Wulf International Carwash Association (ICA)

    "Working with MCI offers both operational and strategic opportunities. With expertise in much more than just pure congress organisation, MCI serves as an advocate who stimulates fresh and critical thinking in our organisation."

    Heinz Marchesi Executive Director, European League Against Rheumatisms (EULAR)

    "MCI has given us the ability to rapidly expand our presence in the Middle East with a knowledgeable, talented and flexible workforce. The ability to tap into a wealth of experience not only in the region but also in the association management profession has helped us achieve our very aggressive growth goals."

    Financial Services Association Executives

    "The Congress was a success! The 360° stage format was very innovative, especially for the Brazilian orthopaedics, accustomed to more traditional formats for their events. I really enjoyed it!"

    Dr Moisés Cohen 2015 Congress President, Brazilian Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Trauma (SBRATE)

    "I think your Go To Market strategy and Business Plan is outstanding and on track for what we were looking to hear and learn. MCI's work is the best thing I have seen in 20 years. MCI went beyond our expectation."

    HR Association

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